Ses Mobility Agreement

The SES Mobility Agreement: What You Need to Know

The SES Mobility Agreement, also referred to as the Senior Executive Service Mobility Agreement, is an important aspect of human resources management for federal employees in the Senior Executive Service (SES). It is a contract between the employee and the federal government that outlines the terms and conditions of their employment, and particularly focuses on the employee`s mobility within the SES.

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So, what does the SES Mobility Agreement entail? Here are some key points:

1. Mobility Obligations – The agreement states that SES employees are subject to reassignment or transfer at any time, including relocation to a different geographic location. This factor can be a challenge for some employees, but is considered a crucial part of promoting flexibility and expertise within the SES.

2. Job Responsibilities – The SES Mobility Agreement also outlines the responsibilities and expectations of the employee`s job. It is important for employees to understand their roles and objectives, and to maintain a strong level of performance throughout their tenure.

3. Performance Appraisal – The agreement also includes provisions for performance appraisals and evaluations. This component helps monitor and assess an employee`s performance, while also determining potential areas of improvement.

4. Compensation – Compensation and benefits are also outlined in the Mobility Agreement. This includes information on base pay, performance-based pay, and other benefits such as health insurance and retirement plans.

5. Security Clearance – Finally, the agreement may include information on the employee`s security clearance, including requirements for maintaining the clearance and potential consequences for loss or lapse.

As you can see, the SES Mobility Agreement plays an important role in the careers of federal employees in the SES. It helps promote career development and expertise, while also ensuring that government agencies have the flexibility and mobility needed to meet critical mission objectives.

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Overall, the SES Mobility Agreement is an important aspect of federal human resources management. By understanding its key components, federal employees in the SES can better navigate their careers and fulfill their obligations as government leaders.

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